Got Referrals?

Congratulations on your decision to give back by spreading the word about Solar! We remain committed to helping homeowners to become informed about the benefits of solar! Fill out the form below and enter the name of the Solar Informant you would like to reach out to your friends and family.

Make sure you give your friends and family a heads-up that we will be calling them!


What Happens From Here?

Thank you so much for your referral! We will be reaching out to your friends and family within 24 hours via phone and email.

We will schedule a solar consultation to evaluate your referral’s energy needs and unique situation. If they are one of the many homeowners that can benefit from solar, we will guide them through installation! Once installed you will receive your $1,000 “Finders Bonus”.

Enter the name of the Solar Informant you would like reaching out to your referrals.
The Solar Informant, 2019
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