Going Solar

Custom Solar Solutions

Before meeting with one of the solar informants homeowners have the option to learn about solar on their own terms through our free online mini-classes! Once you are informed and ready we will move forward with creating a custom solar solution.
During your free consultation, your Solar Informant will collect information about your home, energy profile, and financial situation. Your Solar Solution will include a detailed custom system design, utility & financial analysis, estimated production figures, & ROI schedules.
After selecting a solar solution; a site assessment is conducted. Our experts will take all measurements and notes to finalize the design and ensure a smooth installation. Our team of project management experts will handle everything so you can sit back and relax knowing it’s handled!
Our teams are experts at processing everything from utility applications to permit requests  & HOA applications. Once all applications and permits have been approved and all equipment has been delivered your solar project will be scheduled for an installation date!
The final step in going solar will be your inspections and obtaining permission to operate your system!

Utility & Tax Incentives

There has never been a better time to go solar with all the incentives being offered for clean renewable energy! Our programs are designed to help you identify which incentives are available to you and how they can best be used to maximize your solar benefits. 
Solar Incentives Include:
30% Federal Solar Tax Credit
Property Tax Exemptions
State Solar Energy Credits
Utility Company Rebates

Lease vs. Purchase




Confused about purchasing vs leasing? Our Solar informants specialize in identifying your unique energy needs and helping you to determine the path that leads to maximized savings and the highest return on your investment.
Ownership Benefits
Most homeowners maximize their benefits via the purchase option. This option is zero down and allows you as the owner to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Incentive, increase the value of your home, & achieve a greater return on investment over time.
Leasing Benefits
When the purchase option is not the best option typically the lease is. Some of the benefits of using a leased solar system are fixed monthly costs, lower initial investment, and zero responsibility for maintenance or repairs.



Quality Products & Installations

We are committed to providing the most efficient and guaranteed solar products! You will finally be able to take control of your energy through highly efficient solar panels, optimizers, and inverters!  
Our top priority is ensuring that your solar solution is top quality and designed in your best interest. Our installs are backed with a  25-year guarantee.
While we use the most cutting-edge technology in solar, we uphold old-fashioned values that result in outstanding customer service & informative communication before & after your transition to renewable energy & savings!

Referral Program


Looking to participate in our Solar Homeowner Referral Program?


Referring your friends, family & co-workers is an easy way to positively impact others while earning extra cash! 


We offer a $1,000 “Finders Bonus” for every solar installation resulting from your referrals! That’s what we call a triple win! It’s that simple!


With our experienced team of solar professionals, we confidently provide top-notch service, solutions, and solar to you and your friends! 


Just click here to start referring and earning bonus rewards today!


The Solar Informant, 2019
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